First Friday

I made my word of the year Write, so I guess I better do that! I plan to write here a few times a week, and hopefully get myself into the habit or writing every day.

It is Friday night, and I can already picture tomorrow morning.

The feel of warm, soft sheets on the bed. My hair falling over my shoulders and my fiances hand curled under my pillow as we sleep in.  The blanket is fluffy and purple and wraps around most of me, a leg peeking out normally because I have never liked constriction. When I finally open my eyes, it is almost the afternoon. Everything is a little blurred before I find my glasses, and a blue-gray as the sun peeks from the corners of the dark shade over our window. The sounds of a waterfall have played in the background while I slept, which turns into an array of music and the lilt of my fiances voice as he shows me the fun things he’s found online. 

Yeah. I’m rusty.


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