Monday is Marvin.

Marvin is 36, average height, average weight, average looks. He works selling mattress’ in The Main Street shopping plaza in Omaha, Nebraska.

Tuesday is Larissa.

Larissa is 22, always late and consistently clumsy. She works as a receptionist at a law firm in San Bernadino, California.

Wednesday is Wendy.

Wendy is 37, beautiful and optimistic. An artist, she works part time at a boutique in Ashland, Oregon.

Thursday is Aaron.

Aaron is 31, ambitious and impatient waiting for the next step forward in life. He works in sales in Chicago.

Friday is Rebecca.

Rebecca is 19, a social butterfly without a care. She works as a hostess at TGIFriday’s in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Saturday is Clayton.

Clayton is 7 years old, curious and easy-going. He doesn’t work and he lives in a double wide trailer right outside of San Diego.

Sunday is Patrick.

Patrick is 64, studious and kind. He is a priest and lives in Baltimore.

I *really* liked doing that!


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